The BBC Basically Thinks Kate Middleton Is The Most Worthless Human Being Alive

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Kate MiddletonWow. I hope the fine folks over at BBC Radio 4 Women's Hour didn't like their heads, because it's looking likely that they'll be cut off after the stunt they just pulled on Kate Middleton. They compiled a list of the 100 most powerful women in the U.K and did not include our very own pregnant princess. Of all the horrible things that have happened in the history of horrible things, this is truly the horriblest.

Judge Eve Pollard says she knew people would be up in arms over this list. But she stands by her decision to be a traitor and a turncoat and a general embarrassment to British society.

“Is she influential? Hugely. Is she powerful? Not yet,” the former newspaper editor added.

“Most women on our list have power because they have reached a place where they have control—of policy, of direction, of influence, of staff,” she explained. “The panel also included some women who have soft power—the ability to transform the way we think about ourselves.”

Eve Pollard will rue the day she stated that Kate has no hard power AND no soft power. For their own sakes, I don't know why they made this incredibly shortsighted decision. I'd be surprised if the entire BBC operation's still up and running tomorrow morning. You want to see power? Watch how much Kate Middleton has when she shuts the whole damn operation down before she goes to bed to night. And she'll do it. I have no doubts she'll do it.

The same way I have no doubts that she's having twins in July. Two sets. Yes, that's right. You heard it here first. My OB-GYN connection tells me that her refusal to be photographed publicly for the past few weeks clearly indicates that she's giving birth to two sets of twins. Out of necessity of course. It's a modern day look at a heir and a spare.

Let's say TLC kidnaps the first set of twins to star on their show Extreme Kidnapped Royalty, Kate and Will wouldn't have to stress because they had another set ready to go. Having two sets of twins because you need two sets of twins, I'm sorry BBC Radio 4, but that's the definition of power.

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