The Inspiration Behind Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber Impression Is Hilariously Perfect

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Kate McKinnon Conan Justin Bieber impression June 2014

Last night Kate McKinnon was a guest on Conan, and she took the time to explain her famous, flawless, funny-as-hell Justin Bieber impression on Saturday Night Live. If you're a normal human being who enjoys laughing, I should have had you at Kate McKinnon. “Very well,” you should have said, “point me in the direction of the hilarity!” The other stuff is just icing on the cake. And when that icing comes in the form of making fun of Justin Bieber, it's very sweet indeed.

If you haven't seen Kate's Justin Bieber impression yet, you really need to do that before you even think of being productive today. If you have seen her Justin Bieber impression, go ahead and watch it again. Because it's amazing, and before she did it I never in my wildest dreams thought anyone would capture Bieber's essence of douche so flawlessly in a single look. But Kate did it, and seeing it for the first time was akin to seeing God. If God looks like a woman pretending to be a saggy-pantsed pop star. He/she might. We don't know.

Kate's talked about this impression before, like that time her other famous impression inspiration Ellen DeGeneres asked her about it. And every time she explains her process of getting into character, I become even more obsessed. Here she compares Bieber to “a puppy that just piddled” and is “sort of sorry.” I think the key phrase there is “sort of,” because goodness knows Justin loves to piddle wherever he can, but if he ever looks sorry it's probably just because he got caught and wants to look innocent. He's basically a puppy who really doesn't want to get arrested. Don't you worry, Kate makes the faces right there on Conan's chair to illustrate, and she even goes on to explain what Bieber was like when she met him. Bless her.