Kate McKinnon Makes Her Triumphant Return To Ellen To Explain Her Flawless Bieber Impression

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Kate McKinnon Justin Bieber SNL

Sometimes I think Kate McKinnon is so hilarious she simply can't be real. Like, she must have been created in a witch's brew filled with DNA from every funny lady in history, including Ellen DeGeneres, which is why Kate's so good at imitating her. People are just not supposed to be that consistently funny. But she is, and it makes life worth living. Or it at least makes SNL worth watching, even when the host sucks.

SNL is going on hiatus for a little while because of those darn Olympics (curse you again, athleticism!), but thankfully Kate made an appearance on Ellen's show to tide us over in the meantime. Last time she was on the show, the biggest highlight aside from watching her Ellen impression was watching her Ellen fangirling. She thankfully also brought it to this interview. The way she reacts to Ellen saying she's her favorite performer on the show is so adorably flustered and excited. It's probably the same reaction I would have to meeting Kate. Except I wouldn't look as adorable. I'd probably be a sweating, shaking monster.

I had thought no impression Kate ever did could compare to her Ellen impression, but a few weeks ago she impersonated Justin Bieber and I died. Literally. And then I came back to life because my new duty on Earth was to share that impression with everyone I know and make sure they laughed the appropriate amount. So to hear Kate explain how she developed the impression is a real treat. Like seeing Mozart compose a symphony. And when you hear her tell the story of how Justin came to her in a dream and told her to stop making fun of him, you'll want to book a one-way flight to becoming Kate's BFF. Isn't that so like the Biebs, though? Always taking away joy. But amen and praise Ellen for saying, “He's asking for it.”

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