Kate McKinnon Dresses Like Ellen On Ellen And My Life Is Complete

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kate mckinnon ellen degeneres impersonation april 2013

In a TV moment that's sure to go down in history for its absolute amazingness, Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show dressed as Ellen DeGeneres. On the slight chance you've been going out on Saturday nights and not watching SNL and/or boycotting Internet videos, you probably missed the time Kate did a pitch-perfect impression of Ellen earlier this season. While I could rave about it all the live long day, you can just watch it right here.

It's too good, right? From the hand gestures to the voice intonations to the dancing (oh the dancing!), it's like maybe the best impression ever. EVER! That's why I peed my pants a little bit this morning when I saw that Kate not only went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but also dressed up as Ellen. But before we get to the funny stuff, let's kick it off with the warm and fuzzies. In an interview opening that made my heart grow three sizes, Kate tells Ellen that's she idolized her throughout her entire life and she can't believe she's sitting here in her presence. Ellen, for once, seems almost speechless.

And now that you're crying tears of joy for Kate, let's move onto to the good stuff. Ellen gives Kate a brand spanking new Ellen outfit, tells her to go change and come back out as her. As you can imagine, magic ensues when she comes back out to the stage. Literal magic. Okay fine, not literal magic. But enough magic that you're going to watch this clip and then write to the people who run TV and be like get us an Ellen & Ellen Show stat. I'm obsessed and you're about to be too.