Kate Hudson Says Heath Ledger Is The Best Kisser Of Her Costars, Because That’s Not Weird At All

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Kate Hudson on Watch What Happens Live July 2014If you were considering asking Kate Hudson a fun, flirty question like which of her costars was the best kisser, just bear in mind that the conversation is about to take a hard left into Discomfort Town, because her answer is Heath Ledger. YIKES.

Okay, sure, yes, you guys were in fact costars in the movie Four Feathersthat I just had to go look up on IMDb. But I don't think that's the kind of answer that a caller into last night's Watch What Happens Live quite had in mind. I'm assuming she was looking for a more standard, alive person answer of Matthew McConaughey or Matt Dillon or Zach Braff, but that's not what she got:

“I would say my favorite one was Heath; that was pretty excellent. I would say that, I look back at all of it, and that was really — he was lovely.”

Eeep eep eep! I can't even describe really where these feelings of awkwardness are coming from for me, but I feel very strongly that this is a weird way to talk about someone who died tragically over six years ago. It's wonderful to remember Heath in a positive way, but as the best kisser you ever laid lips on? That weirdly cheapens it, because it's not like they dated in real life, y'know? It's like slapping a yearbook superlative on someone whose loss is a whole lot bigger than that.

It takes Andy Cohen chiming in with ‘such a tragedy' to even jolt us back to real life, where everyone looks a bit dazed. Kate said it was because he was ‘so beautiful and sweet and gentle' and mentions that the question was ‘a tough one to answer', but I'm not sold. Talking about a deceased costar being a good kisser and then talking about how his death is a tragedy implies that the two thoughts are somehow related. Like it's worse that we lost this huge talent because he was also a sweet and gentle kisser?

Mehhh so weirded out right now.

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