This GIF Of Olympic Luger Kate Hansen Dancing To Beyonce Proves She Could Medal In Busting A Move

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Kate Hansen GIF


The winter Olympics are a spectacular show of athleticism, strength and tolerance of cold weather. The athletes in Sochi are certainly involved in an intense competition. There's one event that seems to be missing, though: Warm-Up Dancing. If it was a competition, U.S. luger Kate Hansen would take home the gold.

The 21-year-old from Burbank, California was caught on camera busting a move while preparing for the luge. Kate admitted to NBC it was Beyonce on her headphones, who makes her feel “fierce” and “stoked.” Thankfully, because it's 2014, the camera clip was turned into a GIF, so we can watch Kate break it down on loop. It's no surprise that Beyonce gets her body moving. When Bey isn't busy having an affair with President Obama, she produces some pretty great music. Which song do you think Kate is grooving to? My money is on a throwback to “Crazy In Love” or maybe “Freakum Dress.”

Even if Kate has somehow turned Beyonce's ballad “Halo” into her inspirational track, her dancing skills are impressive. But as with anything amazing and beautiful, someone will try to tear it down. One NBC announcer wished Kate would do something more “sports specific.” As someone who danced competitively for eight years growing up, I'd like to see this sportscaster eat his leotard for saying dance isn't a sport. But more importantly: Kate Hansen is an Olympic athlete. Her entire career – a significant chunk of her life as a whole – is dedicated to her sport, and she has reached the highest level an athlete can reach. How can you reprimand her for blowing off steam before competing in an Olympic sporting event by shaking her groove thing?

Fortunately the internet has Kate's back. Twitter users immediately jumped to her defense, shaming the announcer for his unnecessary, ridiculous and rude comment. Count me in on being part of Team Kate Bust a Move; I could watch this girl break it down – or, I guess, warm it up, any day.