Kate Gosselin Screamed At Her Kids At A Demi Lovato Concert, Aka Just Another Day

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Kate Gosselin promoting her book October 2013It must be a day ending in Y, because Kate Gosselin just did something to make me shake my head in sympathy for her kids again. (It seems like she has the Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday beat, and Jon Gosselin takes the Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday one. It's the only part of parenting that they can agree on at this point — being exploitative about it.)

But anyway, the newest method Kate has discovered for humiliating her oldest daughters — twins Cara and Maddy — is by screaming at them in public at a Demi Lovato concert on Sunday night. You better be careful, girl, or you're gonna get another mutiny on your hands.) According to someone who saw them there and spoke to Radar Online:

“We were at the Demi Lovato concert on Sunday night and had just entered the building and were browsing the merchandise table. I turned and saw a girl who looked familiar but turned away and didn’t think much of it. Next thing you know we heard someone yelling, ‘You both need to come back here now! Get over here and stay together! Where are you guys going?!' I turned around and lo and behold, it was Kate Gosselin bitching out the twins. The girls seemed embarrassed and their faces were pleading, ‘Please don’t know my mother.’ They looked deflated. Myself and two friends were shocked and appalled.”

Ohhhhh my gosh…all my teenage memories are cringing at once. This might not sound like a big deal, but remember how humiliating it was when your parents would raise their voices to you in public? It was so embarrassing, and it must be immeasurably worse when your parents are famous…for being bad parents.

It's like, I get that you have eight kids, woman, and that must be a really difficult group to herd around, but you only really have to focus on two of them right now. And it's the thirteen-year old ones who only come in twos, so maybe you could lower your voice a little and let them have their fun night out at a concert?

But apparently it wasn't just their night, because Kate was supposedly debuting a new relationship…with her bodyguard.

“The biggest surprise of all was who she was holding hands with. She was holding hands with Steve Neild, her ‘bodyguard'. They are most definitely a couple and were NOT trying to hide it. We were surprised considering we kept up with all the Jon & Kate Plus 8 drama.”

GIRL NO. Don't make this about you! A. You probably don't really need a bodyguard, B. you definitely don't need to date him, because you're not Heidi Klum and C. if you're really gonna ignore A and B, you should probably get yourself another dude just for body-guarding. This one seems pretty busy holding your hand.

But anyway. Radar‘s source says they tried to get selfies with the Gosselins in them, but as soon as they'd raise the cameras, Kate would go into super shout-y stealth mode:

“Kate ducked behind us during the photos and yelled to the twins, ‘Girls, bend down, you’re going to ruin their photo!’ She seemed paranoid after we took the photo.”

That…is amazing. I would honestly love to watch Kate do that all night, because it's absurd and hilarious. But it would also mean being at a concert with Kate all night, and as much as I love Demi Lovato, I think Kate's twins just proved that it's nowhere near worth it.

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