Kate Gosselin Is Following Through On Her Threat To Return To TV, So Prepare Yourself

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Kate Gosselin Is Following Through On Her Threat To Return To TV  So Prepare Yourself Kate Gosselin Marilyn Denis show October 2013 jpg

The day has come, my friends. Kate Gosselin and her eight children (remember when having just eight kids warranted a TV show?) are returning to television this summer. It’s not much of a surprise, considering Kate’s been insisting that their lives are just fine post-reality-show and prodding her twin daughters Cara and Mady to agree with her for months. TLC will air a brand new special on the family this June, and it doesn’t look like a feller by the name of Jon Gosselin will be involved.

I’m sure he’d never got along with it anyway, being the camera-shy, media-avoiding guy that he is. Oh wait, I meant the opposite. Still, despite the fact that he badmouths their mother on reality shows and gives quotes explaining how screwed up the family is, Jon thinks the kids should stay away from reality TV. It did so much damage that he just can’t help but get a little more damaged himself by starring on his own shows. While Kate probably loves attention too much for Jon’s disapproval to be her only motivator in making this special, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if that added an extra “ha” to her evil “muahahaha.” Jon signed over his rights to object to this stuff when he decided not to pay child support, so LOOK AT KATE NOW!

TLC’s announcement about the show totally ignores the circus that this family has become in order to reminisce about how much we used to love them in 2007. Perhaps they’ll also use one of those Men in Black mind eraser things so we completely forget everything that happened in between and just assume Kate is now a widower. Sigh, but they were so in love.

“In 2007, viewers first fell in love with one of the most talked about families in reality television history. With the twins now 13, and the sextuplets about to turn 10, Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel join their mother in this update about their life as a family today.”

The show will detail “what the day-to-day routine has been for Kate and the kids since we last saw them.” I think I know what that day-to-day routine has been. It’s been dragging the kids on talk shows so they can use their twin sister power to enact their revenge. Why do I need an hour-long special to know that?

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