Kate Gosselin Reminds Octomom Who Was The Original Horrible Reality TV Mom By Taping New Show With Eight Kids

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Kate Gosselin taping new reality show octuplets eight kids Octomom horribleKate Gosselin has been pretty quiet lately, but while we thought that meant she had finally given up on the famewhoring, it sounds like this silence is more plotting than surrender. Although it's just a rumor right now, RadarOnline has heard tell that Kate is currently taping a brand-new reality show, and (no surprise) it's based around her eight kids.

Now, let's pause and remember that this tip comes from Robert Hoffman, who wrote a very negative tell-all titled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled America. He's also called Child Protective Services on her. The latest Octomom controversy has taught us that sometimes you do need outsiders to intervene for the children's safety… but Nadya Suleman‘s ex-nannies stayed anonymous, whereas Hoffman obviously has an agenda and is trying to get famous.

Further casting doubt on this story is Hoffman's own admission, to RadarOnline, that “I don't know anything for fact.” However, he cites a credible source when he says, “I got a call from a source who told me about Kate filming the kids with someone else in the past two weeks for a new reality show. The person is a big name.”

He also claims that the new show will “exploit and humiliate” her sextuplets and twins, even moreso than the TLC show Jon and Kate Plus 8 that made her famous. Now, a few months ago we heard that Kate was plotting to put her dating life up on the TV, but it sounds like no networks ever took the bait. So, it would be sad if she were reverting back to thrusting her kids in the spotlight for the attention she obviously craves. She claims that her kids “miss the crew,” but the adults they should have in their lives are teachers and parents who care about their well-being first.

It should come as no surprise that Kate is currently tweeting throughout the duration of Hurricane Sandy, keeping her 120,000 followers updated as to how she and the kids are prepping for the storm. Oh, and she's retweeting everyone who says they're watching the Kate Plus 8 marathon. Yep, we still know where her priorities are.

Photo: Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews.com