Kate Gosselin’s Supposedly ‘Strict’ Rules For Her Show’s Crew Are Actually Very Reasonable

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Kate Gosselin at Pie Face for Celebrity Apprentice season 14 event March 2014 NYC

I'm not typically one to defend Kate Gosselin, but this newest report from Radar Online about her rules for the crew of her reality show is pretty unfair. The title promises that the rules are “strict,” but then all I see are reasonable requests for privacy and respect and safety and cleanliness. I'm pretty sure those are things that anyone would expect if they had a bunch of strangers with cameras hanging out in their house full of eight children.

There's a new expose by Robert Hoffman titled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, and in it Hoffman includes the alleged “House Rules” that Kate handed out to crew members during filming of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Radar makes sure to include a quote from Kate in which she said the crew were “like family,” implying that the rules paint a different picture. Except they're all very reasonable requests. Here are some examples:

“This home address is NEVER to be discussed or written down. Directions to this house are not to be discussed either.”

So not wanting your home address passed around is considered strict now? Why don't we all go ahead and leave our doors unlocked and post our social security numbers online as well?

“Absolutely no smoking or drinking alcohol on our entire property (or on the road in front of our house).”

Do I even have to explain why this is perfectly reasonable?

“Approved bathroom for crew use is in apartment. This is the ONLY bathroom for crew usage. (Do not use bathrooms in house please)”

So sue me, but I don't really like having unfamiliar people use my bathroom. I'm even hesitant to have familiar people use my bathroom.

“No shoes in house or apt at any time. Shoe booties (that have NOT been worn outside!) or no shoes. Period.”

I personally don't demand shoe removal, but if someone else expects it of me, you're damn right I'm taking my shoes off. It's someone else's home, and unless they're asking me to do something like sign my name in blood before I can have a glass of water, I'm going to respect their rules.

“Completely Close doors!!!! Every time and quickly!! No exceptions.”

I would imagine this one has something to do with the fact that there were eight children running around the house, and Kate wanted to be able to find them and prevent them from wandering somewhere dangerous.

Kate also requested that people not use things without asking first (GOD FORBID), and she supposedly emailed Discovery saying that “anytime the film crew is present Jon and or I need to also be present to let them into the house and to oversee.” I'm sorry, I'm really missing what's so unreasonable about all this.

I'm very private about my belongings and living space, and when people, especially people I don't know very well or at all, enter that space, it's usually a stressful experience for me. Of course, that's one of the many reasons I am not the star of a reality show. But just because Kate Gosselin chose to have a camera crew come into her home doesn't mean she can't expect that crew to respect the way she runs her household.

An anonymous crew member told Hoffman, “She treats us like sh*t. She treats the kids like sh*t.” Maybe she does; I'm not there to see it. But if they're basing that claim on these rules, that's pretty unfair.

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