Instead Of Spying On Her Nannies, Kate Gosselin Just Uses Them To Spy On Jon

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Kate Gosselin plugging new show on Good Morning America June 2014

Another day, another report about Kate Gosselin being a scary control freak. This time, according to a new report from Radar Online, she allegedly uses her nannies to spy on her ex-husband Jon Gosselin's interactions with their kids. Wait a second, that's not what you're supposed to use nannies for. Nannies are supposed to be the ones being spied on, according to the movies I've seen.

Kate apparently has a “manual” outlining nannies' responsibilities, and in it she says she'll “freak out” if they don't accomplish tasks like “landscaping, cleaning, and even caring for her chicken flock,” according to Radar. I was under the impression that nannies were supposed to take care of children, not chickens, but we've all seen what Kate's like when she “freaks out,” so those chickens better be living in the lap of luxury.

But that's not all. Kate also allegedly orders the nannies to eavesdrop on phone conversations between the kids and their father Jon, telling them to “listen with one ear to hear what they are saying” and to “report everything you see and hear!!!” The multiple exclamation points really drive the point home. Kate also supposedly limits the number of calls her kids can have with Jon and forbids the nannies from giving Jon access to the remote control for the house's front gate.

A former nanny also says that she was expected to record all of her interactions with Jon and email Kate the details, no matter “if we had a conversation about nothing.” She also allegedly had to keep track of every time Jon returned their shared van “to make sure he used the correct amount of gas!” The nanny adds that Kate was “condescending” and “overwhelming” but that Jon was “really nice.” Uh oh, nobody tell Kate. Really, please don't tell her. I'm frightened.

But I'm confused here, because every Lifetime movie I've ever watched has told me that nannies are evil psychopaths who are out for revenge, murder, or to steal your baby, either to sell it or to make up for the fact that they can't have one. So shouldn't Kate be spying on them through one of those teddy bear cameras? Silly Kate, you've gotten it all backwards.

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