New Book About Kate Gosselin Alleges She Had Sextuplets On Purpose For The Money

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Kate Gosselin plugging new show on Good Morning America June 2014There's a new book about Kate Gosselin out right now, and there are so many allegations in it about her being a terrible person that I almost don't even know where to start.

It's called Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, with the subheading ‘The Rise And Fall Of A Reality TV Queen', which seems a little optimistic, given that this book is quite literally banking on her being at least famous enough to move copies.

But whatever. Once we have the title out of the way, we jump right into a whirlwind of accusations, starting with the fact that Kate plotted to get pregnant with sextuplets so that she'd be guaranteed fame and fortune. That's right, folks! She held a gun to the heads of her fertility doctor and her husband, Jon Gosselin, and filled her body up with babies for her own personal gain! In fact, there's absolutely nothing we can trust about her, because even her choice of profession — nursing — was chosen solely so she'd be in the position to meet wealthy doctors.

This is probably a good time to let you know that the book's author, Robert Hoffman, is a former journalist for whom Jon Gosselin is rumored to have stolen Kate's hard drive in order to provide personal information as fodder for his books. In fact, that version of events was so persuasive that it contributed to this book being pulled from the shelves when it was initially published two years ago.

But now it's back, meaning we get pages upon pages of accusations that Kate spanked her children, got plastic surgery, left all the child-rearing to Jon, went from a brunette to a blonde, drank wine before bed, craved fame, had an affair while Jon did, and accepted charitable donations. Of course, it takes each and every one of those accusations to the furthest ends of the spectrum, like alleging that Kate once tried to rub the face of one of her son's in dog feces to teach him why he wasn't allowed to have the dog in the basement, but you get the basic point. 

Bottom line, I saw Jon and Kate Plus Eight and I've seen what Jon's been up to since, so there's no way I'm buying that he was charge of himself, let alone anyone else. But regardless, the woman has eight kids, so I have no doubt that sometimes situations escalate to inappropriate levels. No one's denying that she comes off super harsh as a parent, not even her. But if you have information about a genuine incident that you can support with evidence, you gotta take that to court, not include it in a character-assassinating book that's gonna make you money.

Nice try, Robert Hoffman, but that's still exploiting the kids.

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