It’s So Cute How Excited Kate Flannery Seems For Stand Up In Stilettos, The First Female-Only Comedy Show

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I've never seen Meredith from The Office look so positively cheerful. In this promo for Kate Flannery‘s new show, Stand Up In Stilettos, the comedian gushes about her new show featuring female stand up comics, three per half-hour episode. The first show to feature only female comedians, I say hell yeah Kate!

The show will air on TV Guide — I know, you're like, TV Guide? Yikes… — but Kate actually makes a fantastic point here.

“TV Guide is smart to aim toward women,” she said. “More women will go there to find out what's on — just like when guys won't ask for directions, a woman will break out the map.”

24 fanatic that I am, watching the promo I am naturally most excited to see Mary Lynn Rajskub:

“I always feel weird when I get introduced as playing Chloe O'Brien computer genius on the show 24. Do you know what I was doing on that computer? ‘Don't take Kiefer's intensity so personally.'”

Giggle. I knew Jack Bauer had to be that intense in real life too! Ahem… anyway. This show pretty much seems like the new Bridesmaids of television, and I couldn't be happier about it.

The lone comment on the promo video on YouTube is currently, “hang on, a chick onstage with no pole, somethings not right.” Clearly Thinker43 took a break from watching porn in his parent's basement to grace us with his charming wit. Basically, Stand Up In Stilettos is a long time coming for consistently under-appreciated female comics. So girls, watch the promo, watch the show, and support happy Meredith.

The show premieres on June 16 at 10:00 pm, with two new episodes showing every Saturday night. Check your local listings. Ha. Ha. It's funny because it's on TV Guide…