Good Thing Kate Beckinsale Is Playing A Villain In Total Recall, Because She Looks Scary

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Kate Beckinsale Total Recall San Diego Comic-Con face plastic surgeryEarlier this year, I wrote about how Hollywood seemed to be majorly sucking up to Kate Beckinsale in advance of her movie Total Recall coming out August 3rd. That's why she was at Comic-Con, along with co-stars Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel and hubby/director Len Wiseman. They posed for the requisite portraits for Entertainment Weekly, but I just couldn't shake the fact that something seems off about Kate.

She's a gorgeous woman — the actors falling all over themselves in the article I linked to above weren't bullshitting — but in this close-up she looks downright unnatural. Her face seems puffier than usual, especially her cheekbones and lips. And I'm no expert on wrinkles, but you'd expect some creases on a woman who's nearly 40 years old. Check out the group shot: Even though Jessica Biel also seems a bit stiff, Kate's face still looks odd. (Note to her stylist: The giant hair doesn't help matters.)

Only a week ago, Kate spoke out against plastic surgery, saying that it went against her morals and that she'd rather have a natural-looking face like her mother than “wind-tunnel face.” And yet you have plenty of websites devoted to analyzing before-and-after photos for the insertion of Botox, collagen, implants, and anything to make the Underworld star look more youthful. I'm not coming down on either side.

Maybe it's the intense cameras that EW used; like I said, other actors came out looking a bit mannequin-ish. Maybe, ironically, any perceived puffiness is actually a sign of Kate reaching the big 4-0. All I know is, when LL Cool J and Seth Rogen appeared at awards shows alongside Kate and struggled to keep their cool, she looked effortlessly gorgeous. Here, I feel like we're getting an uncomfortably up-close look at the Hollywood aging process.

Photo: Entertainment Weekly