Kat Von D Will Walk Out Of Your Interview If You Mention Jesse James Too Much

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Newly single TV tattoo artist Kat Von D walked out of an interview with “Good Day L.A.” today before it even started after they violated her request not to mention her break-up with fiance Jesse James in the introduction to her segment. According to TMZ, Kat said she'd agreed to answer a question about the break-up, but only if they didn't mention it in the intro. They then proceeded to not only mention it, but to show embarrassing footage of her getting a large portrait of homeboy's face (as a child) tattooed on her body that had been sent over by her own network. Et tu, TLC?

For their part, the morning show claims to have done nothing wrong. A representative told The NY Daily News that she had already approved the clip being aired. “When we booked the segment there was only one caveat,” the rep said. “We agreed to NOT talk about Sandra Bullock or Michelle ‘Bombshell' McGee. If one of the stipulations was to NOT talk about her breakup with Jesse James, we never would have agreed to the booking. However, that was never requested.”

I'm guessing someone at TLC actually “approved” the clip, not Kat, thinking she was either going to grin and bear it, or do exactly what she did. I expected TLC to be a little classier than that, but it's sort of par for the reality TV course. I have no great love for Kat Von D, but do feel sort of bad for her right now. I mean, I'm sure she knew she was going to have her most embarrassing moments broadcast on TV when she signed on to do the show, but I'm guessing it just hit home what that actually means. Time to soothe the pain with a nice, long, relaxing money bath.