Kat Von D’s Engagement Ring Is Every Little Girl’s Dream!

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You know when you're young – or now – you dreamed about finding that perfect guy. On your first date you'd have that movie-like rapid-fire flirty banter that somehow doesn't feel cheesy at all. Then you'd get together, and you'd only discover deeper and deeper levels of each other that only make you fall deeper in love. You'd do stupid lovey things like go on picnics and take long walks holding hands at night. His parents would adore you because, who wouldn't? And then one day, in a super romantic way but not cheesy and totally unexpectedly, he'd start giving you that goofy smile you see in movies, and you'd be all like, “Why are you looking at me like that?” And he'd be all, “I love you like I've never loved anyone. I can't imagine living one single day without you.” And he'd get down on one knee, and take the box out of his pocket and open it, and you would see the most beautiful ring that has ever existed. You would see… this:

kat von d engagement ring black diamonds skulls

Come ON. Yeah, I get it, Kat Von D is like so much more edgy than me and I couldn't possibly understand the symbolism of the skulls. But seriously? Skulls on an engagement ring? As someone who has watched all five seasons of Say Yes To The Dress and the only season of the Atlanta edition, I'm pretty much an expert on all things weddings. And this ring is like the horrible see-through Pnina Tornai dress that everyone always wants. Here, if you want to see it. Sure, it may make you feel sexy now, but are you still going to like it in 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years looking back at pictures? Or in this case, looking down at your hand? (Then again Kat's tattoos probably won't hold up either, so I don't think she really thinks about that.)

I know she's a different kind of chick, and I respect that. I actually think the black diamond is a fantastic choice. But four skulls residing on a symbol of your eternal love for this woman? Come on Deadmau5. Then again, when your name is Deadmau5 and you propose to your lady on Twitter, I don't know what I was expecting.

(Photo: Instagram, thekatvond)