Thank God Kat Dennings Will Be In Something Good Again, Gets Expanded Role In Thor 2

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Kat Dennings Thor 2 Darcy Lewis Chris Hemsworth Tom Hiddleston

A few months ago, Thor: The Dark World star Tom Hiddleston accidentally let slip that Kat Dennings would be among the actors from the original returning for the sequel. Although she wouldn't confirm it at the time, it's now official: Deadline reports that Kat will reprise the role of Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster's (Natalie Portman) assistant and the movie's source of comic relief.

Fans are ecstatic at the news, partly out of affection for Darcy but really for Kat. Unfortunately I haven't seen the movie, but she really made an impression with her one-liners. Clearly, she was better suited to a bit part in a movie like this than the lead on that awful 2 Broke Girls sitcom. (To be clear, Kat is great, she's just stuck with subpar material in her day job.) I can't find too many Thor clips online, but this one — where Darcy and Jane first encounter Thor (Chris Hemsworth) right after he's been banished to Earth — pretty aptly demonstrates her comedic timing:

We don't know much at all about Thor: The Dark World, except that it's going to be a lot darker than the first one. However, I came across the Tumblr of one Nerdy Nicole, who gives amazing insight into what we might expect for Darcy in the sequel. This is all fan theory, but I love what she has to say about 1) Darcy possibly becoming a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, 2) how they get her and the other humans to Asgard, and 3) the fact that Darcy is expendable enough that they could kill her if they needed to match the rumored dark mood.

For now, I'm just glad to see Kat in something where she doesn't have to act opposite a horse. Seriously, this girl's talents are wasted on CBS.

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