Kassie DePaiva : 1st Day @ The View: Recaps/Pictures

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I thought Kassie (Blair, OLTL) was going to be on The View from Monday till Friday. That's what I got in my e-mail anyway. I turned my TV on Monday and was disappointed to see Elizabeth. Tuesday as well. Grrr. Kassie didn't appear as a co-host for The View until yesterday, Wednesday.

I thought she did wonderful. She was interactive, opinionated, witty and fun. She held her own amidst the chaos of Joy, Sherry and Whoppi. Kassie got into the nitty gritty of the California wildfires, some of her family members had to be evacuated as well. She talked about her son's appearance on All My Children in the middle of the deaf storyline and good news, he was asked to come back. She also revealed her dark roots. Hair roots anyway. She's not really blond. She uses Jolene products to maintain the blond hair color. What does hair have to do with the show? Well one of the Hot Topics was the stupid survey conducted by Travel and Leisure that Philly got the least votes on which State has the most beautiful people. WTH? They talked about the standard of beauty, and the image of beauty, stuff like that.

Then the Topic switched to Sherry's disappointment regarding some really hot singer back in the day. I guess the dreamy guy doesn't act all dreamy anymore. To which Whoppi argued, maybe that's cause she never saw it before. She neve really knew the guy and he never professed his love to her so she shouldn't be disappointed. Kassie shared her own experience with uber-confused fans. Sometimes she's mistaken to be the hussy character she plays on TV. Over all she did awesome. She did so much better compare to when Melissa Claire Egan(Annie, AMC co-hosted The View. Here are the pictures. Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions.

the-view-102407-kassie-003.jpgthe-view-102407-kassie-005.jpgthe-view-102407-kassie-006.jpgthe-view-102407-kassie-007.jpg the-view-102407-kassie-008.jpgthe-view-102407-kassie-011.jpgthe-view-102407-kassie-012.jpgthe-view-102407-kassie-013.jpgthe-view-102407-kassie-014.jpgthe-view-102407-kassie-015.jpg

I think Kassie was wearing a creation from one of my favorite designers, DKNY. I know she's worn a lot of Donna Karan's clothes so I wouldn't be surprised if her outfit was from Ms. Donna Karan. I'll try to take pictures again today. So come back tommorrow 🙂