Chris Brown Got Broken Up With For Posting A Bare Ass Photo Of Karrueche Tran (NSFW)

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Is there anything more satisfying than someone finally getting what they deserve? I dunno, maybe a hot shower on a cold day, but ask me sometime when I haven't just heard that Chris Brown allegedly got broken up with for posting a bare-ass photo of his (now) ex-girlfriend to Instagram.

The girlfriend in question is Karrueche Tran, who has been in an off-and-on relationship with Chris for years now, and whom he actually spent the July 4th holiday partying with at 1OAK's bash, only to have things end abruptly later in the weekend. And according to a source speaking to Radar Online, it's all because Chris posted this NSFW photo of his girlfriend to Instagram:

Karrueche Tran bare ass photo taken by Chris Brown July 2014

If you look closely (and I'm sure many of you will), you can see that she's actually wearing a black thong that matches her bra in this picture, but for all intents and purposes, that's a bare ass. Chris later deleted the photo, but in this modern age of screenshots, we can never go back to the time when we didn't know what Karrueche's butt looked like, and that was apparently the thing that put her over the edge. (Really? Not that other thing where he beat the shit out of Rihanna? Okay.)

“Karrueche and Chris are done. They’re not speaking. It seems she was upset by Chris’ photo.”

Neither party wasted any time erasing all traces of the other from their Instagram, with Karrueche posting this message yesterday just to confirm with her followers that A. something drastic changed in her life and B. she was probably really good at AIM away messages.

Letting go of things not meant for you, huh? I gotta say, I'm surprised this was the straw that broke the camel's back, but if this is what it takes to keep ladies away from the loose cannon that is Chris Brown, I'm all about it.