Karlie Kloss, Victoria’s Secret Model And Taylor Swift BFF, Wants You To Know She’s On Team Orlando

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Or maybe Karlie Kloss doesn't want you to know, since she deleted all evidence of which side she stands on in the Bieber/Bloom Fisticuffs Scandal of 2014 pretty much immediately after posting.  But we see you, girl! (Gotta H/T Alexis here for being on top of it!) So to get back on track, here's what we know about Karlie right now: 1. She's a Victoria's Secret model (just like Miranda Kerr!); 2. She's Taylor Swift‘s best friend (this will make even more sense later on in this post); 3. She's another celebrity under the impression that if you delete a post on social media, it didn't happen.  Sigh.

Late last night, Karlie posted the following photo on Instagram, then of course quickly deleted it:

Karlie Kloss Instagram

LOLOL. I don't know about you guys, but this picture reeks of Taylor Swift.  And not in a bad way, because I, too, hate the Biebs along with her and 99% of America.  But Justin Bieber hasn't caused me the loss of an actual friendship (though it might cause me the loss of a niece, because she still lurves him UGH), and we all know Selena Gomez is hanging with a very Taylor-less crowd these days (one that includes Other Models and also Orlando Bloom. Making sense now? Good.).  Speaking of friends, I'm also assuming this post means Karlie and Miranda might not be that tight.  Which is really disappointing for me, because I've always pictured all the Victoria's Secret models having sexy slumber parties and pillow fights in their spare time.

Even though Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber in the face a whole three days ago at this point, I'mma sit back with my popcorn and wait for more gems like this to appear.  Miranda? You're up.

(Lead Image: Tumblr)