Video: Karley ‘Slutever’ Sciortino Is A Sexy Psychedelic Stewardess In The Best Music Video You’ll See All Day

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When I was first introduced to Karley Sciortino‘s Vice series Slutever, I pretty much developed an instant friend crush on her. So it stands to reason that when amusingly named Brooklyn electro band Sensual Harassment¬†sent me a press release about their new video/single “Disco Heart” in which Karley features prominently, I did not ignore it like I do 99% of unsolicited press releases I get.

Boy, am I glad I actually watched this thing. In addition to my favorite online sexual television show host, it's got pretty much everything that is good in this world: airplanes, psychedelics, and a whole lot of weird fun. In it, Karley plays a sexy '60s styled stewardess who gives her passengers something way, way better than hot towels in the form of some exciting little pills. The magic pills transport everyone to some kind of alternate party dimension rife with dancing, kissing, and assorted freakiness, which coincidentally resembles the happy place I retreat to in my head when life's too much to bear, as well as how I wish everything was all the time. My favorite part, though, is when Karley puts a horse head on this guy and rides him like a pony, because why not? As for the song, it's a great bit of mid-tempo indie-electro complete with sensual (of course) vocals, which makes it pretty well-suited for getting down to on a sweaty summer night. I approve!