Are The Kardashians Hiding An Ugly Child In The Garage?

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With a seemingly innocent tweet about Scott Disick‘s new narcissism-mobile, Kim Kardashian may have inadvertently revealed the family secret: a young Kardashian who, for some unknown reason, is being kept hidden in the garage.

“Who needs a mirror when I'm driving @scottdisick‘s car!?!” Kim tweeted last night when posting a photo of herself in her brother-in-law's shiny new toy. As if there was any mystery left as to what her favorite thing in the world to look at is.

But wait, what's that in the background? Is it the creepy little girl from The Ring? How awesome would it be if Kim got so dazzled by the sight of her own reflection that she ended up twit-pic-ing her own fantastical death? Or maybe it's an extra Kardashian child Kris Jenner rejected like a picky mama bird because, either due to looks or disability, she deemed her unfit for public consumption? I can see it now…

Reality Show Camera Man: What's that noise in the garage?

Kendall Jenner: Oh nothing, just a stray cat.

RSCM: It sounds like it's crying.


(Tosses mackerel in garage for Katelynn Kardashian, who was born with flippers for hands.)

Kim says it's nothing of the sort:

Seeing your tweets about the creepy girl in my Instagram pic! It's a cardboard cut out of Kourt when she was little lol No ghosts here!

But as we all know, Kim is not the most reliable of sources. Now's the time to break the silence. FREE KATELYNN KARDASHIAN!

(Via Twitter)