I Know You’re Sick Of All Things Kardashian, But This Is Pretty Hilarious

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I Know You re Sick of All Things Kardashian  but This Is Pretty Hilarious 200 gif

I know, I get it. Kardashian fatigue. I totally understand (said as I sit here, watching the first season marathon E! has currently #blessed my Monday morning with — I’ll see myself to the exit now.) but this is actually pretty hilarious. A few years ago, a “music video” made by Kris Jenner on the brink of her 30th birthday back in November of 1985 hit the internet, and it was hilarious. Set to the tune of Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” but with lyrics penned by baby Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe to “I Love My Friends,” it showed Kris parading around in a convertible, singing about all the things she loves, besides her friends (including bible study and The Cheesecake Factory. Seriously.)

It was actually pretty endearing, given that it probably cost a small fortune to produce at the time, and it’s obvious she wasn’t intending on it being a hit record, but it’s fun and shows the sweet side of “Kristen Kardashian” before the juggernaut we know as the “modern-day” Kardashians. Yes, her voice is atrocious and we can all rant about the excesses of their lifestyle even back then, but sometimes things don’t need to be so serious. After all, she looooves her friends.

This past weekend, Kris had her (alleged) $2 million Gatsby-themed 60th birthday party, and the now-grown up ladies Kardashian and Jenner recreated the video in her honor and played it at the party.

It’s worth watching in its entirety — in the 1985 version, Kris manages to humblebrag about learning from her friends about turning 30 since she’s “the last to reach that stop.” Smooth. Also, it gets chilling for a few O.J. Simpson appearances (yikes!) but the ’80s fashion is on point.

In the 2015 version, we see truly how plastic-y Kim and Kylie, in particular, have become, which is sad. Also, WHERE’S ROB?! The saddest thing of all in this Kardashian world we live in is the case of Robert. He didn’t attend the party, and it’s well-known he’s been struggling a while with some issues, so it sort of hurts my heart to see that he’s nowhere to be found in this whole mess. It’s also sad to see images of the late Robert Kardashian in the 1985 video, and then to see that Caitlyn is mysteriously absent from the 2015 version until basically the end. Caitlyn also didn’t attend the party. Scott Disick also makes a cameo in the video, and now I feel sad for all the men in the Kardashian empire. I’ll see myself out again.

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