Kardashian Relative/16 And Pregnant Star Gets Fired By MTV For Getting Knocked Up Again

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Kardashian Relative 16 And Pregnant Star Gets Fired By MTV For Getting Knocked Up Again mtv jpgWell, this is somewhat encouraging. Even though MTV gleefully makes a profit off teenagers who refuse to use birth control, the network has its limits: One rule it’s enforcing is not to support 16 and Pregnant stars who find themselves pregnant again. That was the case with one of the season 4 subjects, who is now being cut out of the season.

The detail that most interested us is that this mystery girl is apparently related to the Kardashian family, according to Teen Mom Talk, and would have gotten a double dose of attention when the season premiered. (There’s been no official air date, but fansites seem to think it’ll be April or May.)

So who could it be? We figure it’s someone with a very peripheral relationship to the Kardashians, since some sort of cousin or niece could easily be folded into Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Then again, saying someone is related to Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe could mean that she’s technically related to Bruce Jenner‘s side of the family—maybe a cousin to Brody, Kendall, or Kylie?

It’s likely that if this girl had gotten to be on season 4, her connection to the family would’ve been a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment of her episode. Still, we’ll be watching the family’s Twitter feeds more closely to see if they ever mention a sixteen(ish)-year-old relative.

A source close to MTV noted that the network wants to keep 16 and Pregnant about teenagers who get pregnant by accident, not those who intentionally get knocked up in order to get the attention, and not those who decide they’re ready to give their children a little brother or sister, again expecting MTV to foot that bill. The mystery girl “is not proud of getting pregnant so soon,” but is in a relationship with the father and positive about providing for both of their kids.

She’s the second subject that MTV has had to dump; Kia Pence got booted after her brother drunkenly said some shit in the interview portion that apparently couldn’t get edited out or offended the network.