Conan Found The Most Amazing Secret Message In The Kardashian Christmas Card

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Conan O'Brien secret message in Kardashian Christmas card December 2013Were you hoping you get your mind blown during your lunch hour today? Well put down your baloney sandwich that you're munching at your desk or stop scrolling through your iPhone under the table at that fancy Wall Street steak restaurant or whatever, because you've come to the right place.

He always comes through for us in a pinch, but Conan O'Brien has really outdone himself in the amazing department today by discovering a hidden message in the Kardashian Family Christmas Card…ashian. (I didn't make up that joke, but I'm obsessed with it.) In case you aren't aware, the Kardashians are kind of known at this point for releasing a card at the holidays every year.

Ever since Crushable began documenting such things in 2011, they've regaled us with holiday cheer from a tiny square card, sometimes twice a year, like in 2012 when they wore white after Labor Day in one shot and Photoshopped the bejeezus out of themselves in another, and sometimes only once, like the blast from the past photo from 2001 in which Kourtney Kardashian‘s breasts toe the line of Basic Yule Decency.

Kardashian Family Christmas Card 2013

But their card from this year was really the jewel in the crown of their ridiculousness, because A. it had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas and B. it had absolutely nothing to do with sense. I mean just look at it up there. But luckily, Conan was actually sent one of these cards, and discovered the secret meaning behind it all by doing a neat fold-y thing.

I won't spoil it for you, but you're gonna wanna watch the video, because it means you'll no longer have to puzzle over the fact that Mason Disick is deflated, Kanye West is not present, Bruce Jenner is trapped in a tube like Augustus Gloop, and Kim Kardashian has stolen a mannequin's eyes and taken them as her own. No no, this hidden gem is much more amazing and important than all that…to the point that if it's intentional, I need to give the photographer, David LaChapelle, a kiss full on his genius mouth. Because this is incredible.


ARE YOU NOT AMAZED? It's the true spirit of Christmas and I believe in Santa again, because he's the only one who could've known the gift that I wanted for Christmas and given it to me without me even knowing it myself.