Hit 2013 Songs That Will Be Karaoke Hits Forever And Ever And Ever

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6.  P!nk and Nate Ruess' “Just Give Me a Reason”

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This was pretty much the anthem of my college roommates winter/spring semester 2013. It's a perfect group duet song. And it may be about a strenuous relationship between a girlfriend and boyfriend, but it's also the perfect way to say you forgive your friend for staining that awesome shirt you let her borrow. You can learn to love again! Of course you can wear my new shoes tomorrow night!

7. Robin Thicke, Pharell and T.I.'s “Blurred Lines”

Blurred Lines GIF


However controversial this song is, there will still be one guy who wants to sing it and at least three girls who will take it upon themselves to be back-up dancers. I've seen it happen. And not just on the Ellen show, but in real life. More than once. The lines are a little blurry on whether it's entertaining or not.

8. Icona Pop's “I Love It”

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This song is great for karaoke because you don't actually have to sing. You can just scream all of the lyrics. While jumping up and down. Halfway through the song, a stranger will join you on stage because it looks like so much fun.

9. Lorde's “Royals”

Lorde Royals GIF


On the other end of the spectrum, you might actually want to have some semblance of musical talent to take on Lorde, because she's amazing, even though she thinks she looks like a monster when she performs. If you can pull it off, you'll get a standing ovation. If you can't…the bartender will probably give you a free shot to help you recover from your embarrassment.

10. The Wanted's “We Own the Night”

The Wanted We Own the Night GIF


This is great for a mixed group of dudes and gals to crowd around the microphone, with the audience joining in for the chorus, because you do own the night, each and every one of you. Nothing is better than crowd participation karaoke. That's barely even an exaggeration.

11. Selena Gomez's “Come & Get It”

Selena Gomez Come and Get It GIF


Your friend talked you into this one. Selena Gomez herself doesn't even do that well performing live. Plus you can show off your sexy dance moves while lip-syncing singing. When you're ready come and get it – it being your coat, because you'll probably want to leave after you're done.

12. One Direction's “Best Song Ever”

One Direction Best Song Ever video GIF


You're either a Directioner, or you're being ironic, since you're singing a song about the best song ever. Do you have four guys with varying levels of great hair up there with you? If you pull off the Harry Styles look well enough, you might actually get Kendall Jenner to go on a few fake dates with you.

13. Katy Perry's “Roar”

Katy Perry Roar video GIF


That's right, you may have let things hold you back before, but no longer. This may actually be your first foray into karaoke performing and you are determined to go all out. You might also be wearing animal print. Katy Perry would be proud (if she's not too busy riding mechanical bulls with John Mayer).

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