Kara Hayward (The Cute Little Girl From Moonrise Kingdom) Has Lined Up Her Next Role

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Kara Hayward  The Cute Little Girl From Moonrise Kingdom  Has Lined Up Her Next Role karahayward jpeg

Wes Anderson‘s Moonrise Kingdom had a lot of famous people in it, but it was the two unknowns who played the movie’s young star-crossed lovers who really stole the show. I especially liked Kara Hayward, despite her slightly distracting resemblance to a pre-op Lana Del Rey. Now, the 13-year-old actress has charmed her way into a follow-up role in a movie called The Sisterhood of Night.

Via Deadline:

The Moonrise Kingdom actress will play a girl who exposes a secret society in her New Jersey suburb, leading to a witch-hunt in the town. The Sisterhood Of Night is directed by Caryn Waechter and based on Steven Millhauser’s short story.

It’s going to be hard to follow the twee burst of delight that was Moonrise Kingdom, but this sounds like it has potential: secrets, witches, and probably lots of sneaking out of the house with flashlights. That said, it’s going to be a very different movie. While Kara’s character in MK was a misunderstood but sweet weird kid, the synopsis makes it sound like her character in S of N is out to ruin people’s lives. There are also several troubling mentions of “the blogosphere,” a decidedly un-Andersonian set piece.

That said, I’m glad she’s branching out, because unless you’re Bill Murray, one cannot dwell solely in Wes Anderson’s storybook world forever. I just hope the world of Hollywood does not chew up her adorable, precocious, child-acting soul and spit it out again. We don’t need an indie version of LiLo.

I’m not sure whether it’s encouraging or frightening that her bio makes her sound like a real-life Tenenbaum kid:

Ms. Hayward has been a member of Mensa since the age of nine. In addition to acting, she enjoys reading, dancing, and writing, including poetry. Her artwork and poems have been published locally as well as in books such as Inspired and A Celebration of Poetry.

(Via Deadline)