Bizarre Internet Game Of The Day: Kanye Zone

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In “N—-s in Paris” (off Watch the Throne with Jay-Z), Kanye West raps, “Don’t let me get in my zone.” And as the new web game Kanye Zone demonstrates, there are folks on the internet who are more than happy to do as he says. My boyfriend told me about this game today, with a pretty simple goal: You are the little blue ball protecting a gray area marked “Zone.” Your goal is to ward off Kanye’s disembodied head as he tries to enter that gray zone.

It’s part Pong, part Pac-Man. (You can warp to head off Kanye as he gets faster and the zone gets bigger.) You get six lives per turn, and each time you bop Kanye’s head you make fake money. The high scorers are currently at over $33 million, though it’s not clear what prizes, if any, this faux-fortune gets you.

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You might be surprised to learn that one of the creators of Kanye Zone is Michael Frederickson, technical director at Pixar; the other is voice actor Stephen Barlow. They worked with Otter Spice Productions to give us this wonderful twenty-minute distraction.

Otter Spice seems like they’re planning similarly silly web games. A recent tweet might give a clue as to their future plans:

I wish Tom Cruise would release a single where he incessantly raps: ‘Don’t not let my head smash into this brick wall’

Of course, the one flaw with that design is that we would let Tom go for the wall.