Kanye West Says He’s Cool With Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna’s Upcoming Wedding Even Though He Hasn’t Been Invited

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While there seems to be an agreement that no one in the Kardashian family is commenting on the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna engagement news, I think we all know Kanye West is not one to follow the rules. While arriving at LAX, Kanye become the first person in the family to break the cone of silence when he was asked by photographers if he's going to the upcoming wedding. Kanye, in a seemingly happy mood, shrugged the question off saying,”You know what? I haven't been invited.” He didn't seem too bothered by it adding, “You know, Rob is my brother. I love Rob. I just roll with it. I love Rob, that's all I can say. I love Rob.” Well, it's good to see Rob and Blac have some support out there besides Amber Rose and Blac's ex Tyga, who tweeted that “everybody deserves 2 to happy” after the news broke.

Kanye had previously been with the rest of Rob's family on a ski trip in Vail, Colorado, where, according to Us Weekly, they had been having super secret meetings about how to publicly handle Rob's engagement. A source told the site “The whole family is discussing it and is angry, but they are talking to come up with a unified front for how to address it. It's a huge mistake to them.”

So while we wait to see how all this shakes out, we can take comfort in knowing that no matter how crazy our future weddings may be, they will be nowhere near as drama-filled as marrying into the Kardashian family.



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