In Heartwarming News For Attention Whoring Couples Everywhere, Kanye Admits That The Song ‘Perfect Bitch’ Is About Kim Kardashian

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I finally understand how the Grinch felt when he said his heart grew 3 sizes. Because my heart's overflowing with warmth after reading this Hallmark-card-worthy tweet about  Kanye West declaring his love for Kim Kardashian by writing the song “Perfect Bitch” (from his upcoming Cruel Summer album) about her. Damn, that takes a real man to step up and say, “make fun of me all you want for being a mushy cornball, but my girlfriend's a bitch and I don't care who knows it!”

To think that I once found them to be the world's most miserable pair of human beings. Ugh, I hate myself for even thinking that. Ever.

Today the superstar tweeted out this love note to show the beloved just what he thought of his girlfriend Kim.

Now I see that they truly are in love and that they're expressing it the only way that they know how. Through offensive language and staged publicity moments. This is love in the modern age. If a man isn't getting up on a soapbox (or a stage) and telling the world that he thinks you're the perfect bitch, then hey, guess what, you're not with the right man.

Because the right man, or I should say a real man, isn't afraid to show his vulnerable side by calling his girlfriend a bitch in lyrics that will live on forever. Lyics that will live on long after they break-up, part ways, release a sex tape and come back together for an E! special reunion show in 30 years.

That my friends is true love. That is THE reason that every kiss begins with K.

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