Kanye Leaves Kim At Home With North To Go Get Handsy With A Blonde

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Kanye West attending In Touch anniversary party October 2007You guys, I'm just as bad as those girls on the after-school specials who poke holes in their boyfriends' condoms to get pregnant and trap them into sticking around! Like them, I foolishly believed that when two people are in a mediocre relationship and one person (usually the girl) gets pregnant, the man will step up to the plate and shoulder the responsibilities of fatherhood, and everything will turn out great. But you know who just disproved that theory? None other than Mr. Kanye West, who was apparently out laying hands on ladies until 2:00am even though he has a new baby and an old Kim Kardashian at home. According to a source for Life & Style, who saw Kanye out at Jamie Foxx‘s house in Thousand Oaks:

“He was having a great time. He seemed excited to be on the scene again, hanging out with Jamie. He flirted up a storm with several women, hugging ladies left and right.”

What happened to ‘gazing adoringly' at North or admiring his birthday present mice from Kim? Is all that stuff out the window? How long did you wait to hang out with Jamie Foxx? Was it more than nine months? Because that's how long you waited to hang out with your daughter, presumably. Unless you have some sort of Ms. Frizzle gadget that let you zoom around in Kim's uterus, which I really wouldn't put past you.

But guys, I'm really disappointed! I really sincerely thought that when two people loved each other very much — one much more so than the other, of course — a baby solves everything, no matter what the problem is. Once they bring a new little life into the world together, Kanye is only supposed to want hugs from Kim, but instead he was huggin' up on all sorts of the clientele at this Malibu Red party. And not just regular hugs, neither!

“These were pretty touchy hugs. He would rub ladies backs and had this smug look on his face while he did it. He was loving the attention.”

GOD YOU GUYS. So many TV life lessons destroyed. Next thing you're gonna tell me is that blowing cocaine just because your friends tell you to isn't cool either, and you know I'm not trying to hear that.

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