The Trailer For Kanye West’s Upcoming Movie Is As Awesome As It Is Mysterious

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Kanye West in trailer for Yeezus movie 20014So apparently Kanye West is making a full-length feature film, you guys. Because of course he is. He already made a few albums and a pair of shoes and a baby — so a movie was the next logical step.

There's not that much information out there about it yet, except that it will be in theaters (!!!), and that it's directed by Hype Williams, who I'm assuming is the brother of Allison Williams. (Please offer her our congratulations on her recent engagement!) Kanye spilled the beans on it on Late Night With Seth Meyersbut he didn't release any of the details about it aside from the name — Yeezus, naturally — and and we didn't pry, given that Seth had already gotten him to laugh at himself that night. A true miracle! Expecting him to be self-aware and forthcoming seemed a lot to ask in one evening.

So all we have to guide our tiny pea brains in comprehending this masterpiece, this monument, this ode to entertainment to come, is a thirty second trailer that Kanye released on his website. There are a lot of concert shots, so for a while I was thinking it might just be a whole movie about that, but then I realized that this is KANYE, so there's no way it's gonna be just anything. Just see for yourself:

I mean come on! Horses running in snow? A beaded head? An orgy of humans in bodysuits? This could be literally anyting. And I think that's kind of the point. I feel like this trailer is Kanye jumping on the Beyonce Secret Album bandwagon and hanging on for dear life. He'll figure out what the movie's about once it's time to release it, and Kim Kardashian will never know the difference.