Kanye West Says He’d Change His Name To Kardashian, Kris Jenner Pees Her Pants From Excitement

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian attending the Met Gala May 2013

I think we can all agree that we have more than enough Kardashians in the world, but that's not stopping Kanye West from suggesting that he might want to become one. He's so in love with his fiancee Kim Kardashian that he's A-okay with having her last name. In related news, I think Kris Jenner — who's reportedly been doing some name-change pondering herself — just died and went to heaven. And then God was like, “Hey lady, you don't belong here. Get down to Hell and check in with the devil pronto.”

During a recent radio interview with Power 105's “Breakfast Club,” the host Charlemagne introduced his guest as “Kanye Kardashian,” and later he asked if it bothered him to hear people call him by his girlfriend's last name. I find it's always smart to ask if people are okay with things after you do those things. It just makes the most sense, and Charlemagne gets it. While you might have expected Kanye to get all ranty about it, he actually said he's totally cool with it.

“Man, Imma tell you something, at nighttime when I go to bed with my girl, I would change my last name.”

So… it's a strictly bedtime name change? Or is he saying Kim Kardashian is so good in bed he'll do whatever she wants? Ahh, stop it! Erase image from brain. Regardless, changing his name to Kardashian would kind of defeat the purpose of naming their daughter North West, right? I mean, if both parents were named Kardashian would they keep the kid's last name as West? North Kardashian doesn't suggest any intermediate directions, even though Kimye supposedly named her that because of something to do with pinnacles or stars or bullshit. We all know why they named her that.

Still, it's useful that Kanye's first name already starts with a K. Maybe the whole reason Kim and Kris Humphries didn't work out was because Kris just wouldn't go full Kardashian. So sad.

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