Kanye Gave Kim An Extremely Expensive, Extremely Hideous Handbag For Christmas

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Kanye West Kim Kardashian shopping with handpainted handbag Los Angeles December 2013

What does a guy who thinks he's a deity get his fiancee who already has everything (including a baby with flawless eyebrows) for Christmas? He gets her a very expensive handbag, of course. That's a given. But the deity we're talking about here is Kanye West, and the fiancee is Kim Kardashian. You can't just hand Kim Kardashian any old Hermes handbag and expect her to get excited. “Oh, you shouldn't have,” she'll say. “No, you really shouldn't have. I already have fifteen of them.” And then she'll just toss it onto her Hermes handbag pile, right next to her pile of couch dresses and her rack of side-cleavage frocks.

So obviously the Hermes Birkin bag (yes, the one Samantha Jones wanted on Sex and the City) Kanye got Kim came with a little something extra — a hideous painting. The image was hand-painted by artist George Condo, who worked with Kanye on one of his albums. As you can see, it's a classic scene of nude women having an orgy with a green goblin monster and a Picasso rip-off. You wouldn't understand. But something tells me James Franco would. No offense to Mr. Condo, but I wouldn't have been surprised if I'd read that Kanye painted this himself. Take a closer look below, courtesy of Kim's Instagram.

Perhaps the most offensive aspect of this whole gift? The price tag. The Mirror reports that the bag is worth around $16,000, and a work by Condo recently sold for $1.3 million. Really? I don't want to be one of those “My kid could paint that!” types of people… but my kid could paint that. And keep in mind that I don't even have a kid. Of course, knowing Kanye, he might not have even had to pay for it at all.

Kim showed the bag off yesterday while out and about in Los Angeles. I'm gonna go ahead and assume the only reason she's holding it is because Kanye is right there. I'm sure as soon as she gets home she'll take out all its contents — probably just a wallet full of photos of herself and a hand mirror — and put them in a different bag.

(Lead Photo: WENN.com)