Kimye Claims To Like ‘Bound 2’ Parody, World Waits For The Explosion That Must Be Coming

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Seth Rogen and James Franco Bound 3

Yesterday, Seth Rogen and James Franco gave the world a very special gift: they recreated Kanye West's “Bound 2” video shot for shot, with Franco playing Kanye and Rogen doing his best Kim Kardashian impression. Later in the day, Kim shocked everyone by announcing something very surprising. She claims that she and Kanye actually like the parody. This announcement came via Twitter, you know, because that's how celebrities roll.

The evidence:

It's a pretty cute interaction. Something you might expect from Rogen, but Kimye? As we all know, Kanye West does not respond well to jokes or criticism. Remember the Twitter rampage he went on after Jimmy Kimmel dared to spoof him? And his feud with Zappos? And those are just the things he's done in the past few months. If I tried to list all of Kanye's angry rants and internet feuds here, this post would be thousands of words long.

My question is, what's the endgame here? I would love to believe that Kanye has a sense of humor and loved the video like everyone else. But that Jimmy Kimmel video was hilarious, too, and Kanye was not amused. I mean, Kanye invented leather jogging pants. He probably also invented mountains and motorcycles and awkward camera angles, too. And why is Kim delivering the message? Has Kanye suddenly decided to stop expressing his opinions via Twitter? If so, an awful lot of comedians are about to lose their best source of material.

So I am waiting. Waiting for the inevitable explosion of the volcano that is Kanye West. It may be next week, it may be a few months (or years) from now, but Kanye will have his revenge.

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