Kanye West Names His Favorite Song Of Last Year, And Shockingly It Isn’t One Of His Own

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Kanye West Names His Favorite Song of Last Year  and Shockingly It Isn t One of His Own wenn21883757 640x528 jpg

Kanye West likes a lot of things. His wife and kids. Twitter rants. Neutral colored, shabby chic clothing and lots of it. His own voice, I imagine. Today, we can add Justin Bieber to that list. Kanye is a Belieber and, like most things, he isn’t afraid to share it with anyone and everyone. He let the world in on his like of the Biebs with a tweet saying “What do you mean by @JustinBieber was my favorite song of 2015.” So with all the wonderful music last year provided us, “What Do You Mean?” came out on top in Kanye’s eyes. I’m surprised that Kanye didn’t pick one of his own songs for the honor. He only released a few songs this past year but surely one of them would be good enough for him to declare it the best of the year. Yet Kanye decided to sing someone else’s praises for a change.

Shortly after Kanye shared his love for Justin, we got some proof of him enjoying the track, thanks to wife Kim Kardashian. She posted a short video to Snapchat of him doing his best Carpool Karaoke to the song.



Not sure why Kanye ducks out of frame when he realizes he’s being filmed considering he made his love for the song publicly known. Another mystery of Kanye that we’ll have to wait until the next Twitter rant to see if it’s solved.

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)