The Best Part Of Kanye’s Interview On Kimmel Is This Old Video Of Josh Groban Singing His Tweets

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Josh Groban sings Kanye West tweets jimmy kimmel

Last night Kanye West went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about last month's Twitter feud with Jimmy Kimmel. As someone who enjoyed that feud way tooooo much, I feared that this make-up sesh would result in us finding out that the whole thing's a giant prank. But alas, that did not happen. Nope, rather than tell us that they tricked America into believing that Kanye West was a human capslock key, they just talked awkwardly for several minutes about the situation. Neither Kanye or Jimmy or select parts of Kanye's pants appeared to want to be there, so it's kinda confusing as to why it even happened. Sure we got a few classic Kanye quotes along the lines of, “I don't want to tell everyone I'm a genius, but I also don't want to lie to everyone,” but overall all it felt incredibly underwhelming.

In fact, the only part that's really worth watching is the part where they go back in time and play a video from 2011 of Josh Groban singing Kanye West's tweets. Obviously, based on the order of the words in that last sentence, you can assume that it's laugh out loud funny. Not only are Kanye's tweets ridic to the billionth degree and not only is Josh Groban always creeping up on us with his amazing sense of humor, but it's the only part of the show where I felt any suspense. HOW WOULD KANYE REACT TO BEING REMINDED OF THIS HILARITY?

Sadly, for celebrity rubberneckers like myself, he reacted like an adult and was all, “that was pretty funny Jimmy.” But he's Kanye and we all know that he didn't find that funny. And that someone will die (via tweet) for making the decision to re-air that sketch. It's all just a matter of time now before he goes on another rant.

But while we wait for that, I present Josh Groban and the other 5 (!!!) parts of this interview. You know, in case you have several minutes to kill this morning.