The Most ~Kanye~ Things Kanye West Has Ever Done

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There is no middle ground with Kanye West. I have yet to meet someone who has said “I think Kanye West is OK,” or “I don’t have an opinion on Kanye.” It’s just not possible. You either are absolutely obsessed with the guy, or you hate his guts. The hip-hop artist is on of pop culture’s most divisive and celebrated figures. His fans will stay loyal, while his detractors will stay firm in their position.

Whatever your thoughts are on the rapper, there is no denying his talent and hard-earned success. There’s a reason why My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy received a rare 10.0 rating by Pitchfork when the album was released in 2010. Unfortunately, his outstanding albums have to share the spotlight with – or even take a backseat to – his public persona. These are the Kanye West moments that'll make you say, “that's SUCH a Kanye thing to do!”