Kanye West Tweets That He’s $53 Million In Debt And Asks Mark Zuckerberg For Help

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Kanye West Tweets That He s  53 Million in Debt and Asks Mark Zuckerberg for Help wenn21883757 jpg

Something happened last night on Kanye West’s Twitter account. That’s not exactly news these days, since Kanye has been posting quite a few Twitter rants of late, ranging from a string of non sequiturs (including one saying Bill Cosby is innocent) to an insistence that Taylor Swift approved his offensive song lyric about her. But these new tweets have taken a worrying turn. Amanda Bynes is definitely a name that comes to mind while reading through Kanye’s account.

It all started when Kanye tweeted that he is $53 million in debt.

He then started begging Mark Zuckerberg to help him.


He also mentioned it being Mark’s birthday. (It’s not. His birthday is in May.)








He went on to share some typical Kanye narcissism.


Then he started begging Larry Page, co-founder of Google, for help.


He even claimed he’s more deserving of charity than children in Africa.


Because he makes “dope shit.”


Aaand he ended with another non sequitur.

Earlier in the evening, he tweeted that he would be boycotting the Grammys unless they give him Album of the Year, even though his new album isn’t even eligible this year.

This comes just days after Kanye’s co-writer Rhymefest cut ties with the rapper and expressed via Twitter that Kanye needs “spiritual & mental” counseling and “should step away from the public & yesmen & heal.” These new tweets are doing a pretty good job of supporting that assertion.

At the same time Kanye was tweeting last night, Kim Kardashian was posting a photo of the two of them on social media in honor of Valentine’s Day. There’s a definite disconnect there. I have to wonder if anyone around Kanye is even trying to talk sense to him during these increasingly disturbing outbursts, or if it’s all genius all the time.

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