Congratulations To Kanye West, Who Already Has Two Rants Under His Belt This Week

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Kanye West Paris France Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2013 Givenchy Arrivals March 3 2013

Get excited, my friends, because we get to use the words "Kanye West" and "rant" in the same sentence today. Kanye himself should also be very excited, because he already has two rants under his belt this week. Well, at least two. Not only was there quite possibly some other subject that got him heated in concert, but there was also probably something that riled him up in private as well. Like he couldn't get the lid off the pickle jar or he couldn't clean the lip marks off the mirror after kissing it. But I want to focus on these two, because there's video involved and because they are klassic Kanye.

First, during a Sunday concert in San Antonio, Texas as part of his Yeezus tour, Kanye yelled profanities at a female audience member he felt was "heckling" him. Apparently the fan shouted for him to remove his mask, and Kanye was not pleased with that request, because, as he says in the video, he's "Kanye Motherf—ing West." Not sure if the M is supposed to be capitalized there but I did it just in case. Kanye took it a step further and even had the woman kicked out by security. Kanye West concerts sound super fun, don't they? Watch the masked madman do his thing in the video below.

Speaking of super fun Kanye West concerts, there was another one on Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona. And what do you know, there was also another rant. This time it was about the Grammys. This year's nominations were announced last week, and Kanye only got two. Gosh darn it, that's just not enough for Kanye! Never mind that he's already been nominated 53 times and won 21 times. He needs more Grammys, and he needs them now. If he doesn't get Grammys, he can't melt them down and drink them through a straw for sustenance. Grammys don't grow on trees, you know. Watch the kvetching below in a video graciously posted to Instagram by KISSFM Phoenix.

Is it any wonder so few people showed up to Kanye's Kansas City concert? The last I checked, people paid for concert tickets to see a music performance, not a therapy session or an episode of Jerry Springer. But I guess when you buy a ticket to a Kanye West concert, that just comes with the territory.

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