Kanye West Posts A Random Twitter Rant In Which He Declares Bill Cosby Innocent

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Kanye West Posts a Random Twitter Rant in Which He Declares Bill Cosby Innocent Kanye West confused gif


A lot happened yesterday after Kanye West told his Twitter followers to guess the title of his new album, and we need to hash it out. Kanye is no stranger to ranting and speech-making, both on and off social media, and he’s certainly one to switch from topic to topic at the drop of a hat. But he out-Kanyed even himself with this one. It includes family drama, apologies, an unprompted outpouring of affection for his daughter, and a declaration that Bill Cosby is innocent just slipped in there between the rest of the crazy.

It started with this tweet about transitioning into only designing kid’s clothing.

Then he posted this telling/hopeful/something tweet about a possible Hermès collaboration. He didn’t specify if it would be for children.

A little later he moved on to screenshotting Kim Kardashian’s emails. I think… he’s making fun of her?

After that came this loving tweet about North West. If only he’d stopped there.

Then he gave us a very important merch stand update.

That quickly (d)evolved into a rant about Kylie Jenner’s Puma deal.


Then the requisite declaration of his awesomeness.

Then there was an apology to Michael Jordan in regards to his recent Nike diss track.

And just when we thought things couldn’t get any crazier, he defended Bill Cosby.

Wow, talk about a non sequitur. That might be the nonniest sequitur Kanye has ever made. And quite possibly the most controversial. I love how he phrased it like a newspaper headline, as if he could magically change the news with the power of his Twitter account.

Obviously Twitter was not happy to read this declaration, but that didn’t stop Kanye from continuing to post, this time praising Nike?

Then a picture from the recording booth. Maybe he should focus on that and put away the Twitter.

Then there was a screenshot of (I guess) everyone he wants to invite to his fashion show.

Finally, he wrapped things up by using the Kim cry-face emoji to describe his betrayal.

Is that it, Kanye? Are you finished? You sure you don’t want to throw anything else in there? More info on your presidential campaign? Perhaps a few naked photos of your wife? Your opinion on Making a Murderer? Now’s the time to let it out.