Kanye West Flips Out And Attacks Photographer, Desperately Needs Anger Management And A Reality Check

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Kanye West mirage las vegas 2012
Somehow my eyes stopped rolling long enough for me to write this post about Kanye West flipping out on a photographer and basically beating him into submission at the almighty knees of Yeezus.  Look, I'm not religious but I'm pretty sure that's the exact opposite of W.W.J.D., correct?  RadarOnline has the pics, if you're interested in seeing a helpless paparazzi smushed underneath the holy crotchal region of Lord Kanye.  The poor guy (who has to eat and pay bills too, you know) was so roughed up an ambulance had to be called!  Kanye is facing felony charges as a result of the attack, and I can't say I'm sad to hear it.

Between this and his secretly recorded rant against Pink and Taylor Swift, and, oh, about a million other things,I think we can all safely say he's a complete dick.  Obviously no one has kicked this guy's ass in a really long time, if ever, and I'll be the first to say Kanye is long overdue for a junk punch of his own.  You're a celebrity.  You're at an airport.  I'm sure it sucks being followed by annoying tabloid photographers everywhere you go, but excuse me, Yeezus, if I'm not sobbing into my hanky for your misfortunes, because you are one of the most privileged people in the world right now.  And also one of the biggest tools.  With one of the most over-inflated egos in the history of big, famous heads.

You're a dad now.  Your kid is barely a month old and she's already got a lot on her plate with her ridiculous name, ridiculous grandmother, and her ridiculous parents.  She probably won't want to know that when she was brand-new and her dad should have been in a harmonious bubble of first-time-dad glee, he was karate-chopping photographers and announcing to the world that he and Jesus Christ are one in the same.

Just a thought.

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