Kanye West Pulled A Kanye West On Himself In This Tweet About His New Album

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Kanye West Pulled a Kanye West on Himself in This Tweet About His New Album Kanye best gif


Kanye West has a new album, titled Swish, coming out on February 11. Seth Rogen already heard it and said it’s “dope,” and Kanye obviously agrees. Late last night he tweeted the tracklist for the album, handwritten on a piece of paper and only marginally legible. (I’m told by the interwebz that the second to last one says “Real Friends,” but it looks more like “Real Dinos” to me.)

But enough about the album and Kanye’s terrible handwriting. I want to talk about what Kanye said in the tweet: “So happy to be finished with the best album of all time.” If you haven’t spent the past ten years living under a rock, you probably read that last part to the tune of Kanye’s infamous Taylor Swift mic-grabbing incident at the VMAs, in which he declared that Beyonce had the “one of best videos of all time.”

I might believe this was a self-aware joke if I didn’t A.) think Kanye West incapable of that, and B.) know that Kanye West truly, unironically believes this will be the best album of all time. But it was amusing nonetheless.

Also notice that the bottom of the page includes the message “Kylie was here.” As in Kylie Jenner, Kanye’s sister-in-law, who was apparently with him when he wrote the tracklist and/or took the photo and couldn’t resist giving herself a shout-out. Might we say that Kylie sort of pulled a Kanye West on Kanye West himself? Or is that stretching the definition of the term “pulling a Kanye”?

But perhaps the most important question of all is whether it’s okay that I sort of think that message is really cute, and I find it endearing that Kanye left it in his tweet instead of insisting it be all about him? Oh Yeezus, what is wrong with me?