Kanye West Pens Catchy Line About Mitt Romney’s Tax Rate

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It's official: rappers love to write rhymes about Mitt Romney. And why shouldn't they? He's rich, he doesn't give a fuck, and he's the perfect symbol of the establishment they want to infiltrate.

First there was Nicki Minaj‘s amusing line about how she's voting Republican, which I imagine Mitt was very sad to learn was actually satirical. Now, Kanye West has put in more direct terms what more and more Americans are learning about Mitt: despite being one of the wealthiest men in the country, he pays taxes at a way lower rate than he's supposed to.

Taken from his new album's opening track To The World, the verse in question is this:

I need a new crib to hold my plaques
Rick Ross had told me that.
Said I’d be all up in Goldman Sachs.
Like, “These ni**as tryna hold me back
These ni**as tryna hold me back.”
I’m just trying to protect my stacks
Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax
Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.

Translation: Mitt Romney has a shit ton of money that he pays very little tax on, because he's well-versed in the power elite's sneaky tricks like offshore bank accounts and dummy companies. So why the hell shouldn't Kanye West get to do the same shit?

While it can get tiring to hear rappers rap about money all the time, the reason they get away with it is because most of them overcame poverty and racism to get where they are today. Mitt Romney overcame nothing. Therefore, it seems like if anyone is going to get to keep all of their capital gains, it should be the ones who really had to work for them. That said, it would definitely be better if everyone was taxed at a truly fair rate: rappers, tycoons, teachers, students, etc. And judging from his interest in Occupy Wall Street, it would seem Kanye's at least somewhat on board with this idea.

(Via The New York Observer)

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