Obviously Kanye Gave Baby North A Baby Lamborghini For Christmas

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Kimye Christmas 12-26-13

I used to think I lived a deprived childhood because I never got a Power Wheels Jeep for Christmas like some of my friends did.  Now I know I was definitely deprived, because there are such things as baby Lamborghinis.  I know this because Kanye West–fresh from buying Kim the fugliest handbag in existence–bought one of these little beauts for baby North. Forget love and attention, what kids really need are insanely expensive fake cars!

Kanye West Baby North Lamborghini 12-28-13


Like father, like daughter indeed… groan.  All hopes of North not growing up  to be as obnoxious as her parents have been dashed.  And not KarDASHian “dashed”, either.  I happen to know a 7 month old baby personally, and this is exactly what she asked Santa for!  Too bad she only received things like clothes and baby books (she's another deprived child like myself).  If Kim's eyesore of a Birkin bag cost $16,000 I can only imagine what one of these custom-made (I'm assuming baby Lamborghinis aren't stocked on the shelves at Toys R Us) designer Power Wheels set Kanye back.  I guess baby North needed to arrive at her eyebrow-waxing appointments with Anastasia, Brow-Waxer to the Stars, in style?

Since Kanye has clearly made it is 2013 goal to be the most parodied celebrity, there's really only one thing left to say about this: please oh please let the Birkin and baby car make it into a Kimye Talk Show sketch on SNL.  It would really start 2014 off on the right note for me and my Sunday morning recaps, you know?

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