Kaley Cuoco Takes A Break From Fakelationships To Cheer On Her Real Sister During Her Audition For The Voice

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Last night's The Voice auditions took a turn for the exciting when Kaley Cuoco's younger sister, Briana Cuoco, auditioned for the show. Putting aside the fact that her the very famous Kaley could've probably opened up some doors for her sister earlier on, it's pretty nice to see Kaley supporting her sister. And I suppose there is something to be said for people who want to do it on their own. But as the sole heir to the immense Crushable family fortune, I can't really speak to that. For as long as I can remember, I was told by Grandpapa Crushable (or Papa Crushie as he allowed us to call him on Christmas morning) that I'd be running this massive operation one day. In fact, I'm told that my first word was blog and that my first sentence was, “are Taylor Swift fans really that easy to troll?” But that's neither here nor there. Today's all about the Cuoco Family!

After a long summer of watching Kaley Cuoco date two men simultaneously (how are more people not talking about this clear timeline issue), it's refreshing to see her get real for a hot sec. While I'm guessing her relationship with her fiance is legit, it is INCREDIBLY strange to me that he was cool with her dating Henry Cavill in July. A month, that you may recall, Kaley was supposed to be falling head over heels for her fiance. You know, since she herself laid out the timeline of meeting her fiance three months ago. Sorry to rant, the fact that no other outlet is pointing this huge discrepancy out makes the Crushable staff feel like they're living in Crazy Town.

However, let's get back to the original point. It's nice to see that Kaley Cuoco's entire life isn't full of fakelationships. Somewhere, out there, are people who she spends time with because she likes them — and not just because some publicist recommended it. Let's just hope that Briana Cuoco doesn't fall prey to the horrors of Hollywood and end up “dating” Cee Lo Green by the end of this season.