Kaley Cuoco’s Cliché Wedding Date Proves This Is A Fakelationship

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Kaley Cuoco Ryan Sweeting Christmas Instagram 12-25-13

Kaley Cuoco and her fiance of five minutes, Ryan Sweeting, celebrated their first Christmas together and they totally killed it.  I know this because Kaley posted a photo of the two of them together on Christmas with the hashtag “killed it.” It's the kind of hashtag you use when you want to convince everyone that you're in a real relationship, or so I hear.

Did you guys know they're planning to get married on New Year's Eve?  People magazine just alerted me to this fact, and I have to say I had to suppress an eye-roll.  I know I sound pretty cynical, and maybe their relationship is for real… but guys.  GUYS.  Is there a more cliche, fakelationship-y date to get married than New Year's Eve?  I know Kaley's oven is allegedly hosting Ryan's sweet bun, thus the rush, but come on.  I mean, I'm getting married on January 18th just so everyone in my life knows I'm not in a fake relationship.  You've got to pick an obscure, no-one-else-wants-this-date date if you want to convince everyone you're in it to win it.  Also it's cheap to get married in the winter on a non-holiday, so there's that.

Regardless, I know a lot of my guy friends (and avid Big Bang watchers… ugh) are going to be really upset that Kaley will be off the market long enough to have her alleged fakelationship baby.  Just think, if things had been tweaked ever-so-slightly, Henry Cavill could be in that picture, drinking wine he and Kaley purchased during a staged PR photo shoot at Whole Foods.

(Photo: Instagram)