Kaley Cuoco Is Supposedly Already Regretting Her Quickie Marriage, How Shocking

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Kaley Cuoco and husband Ryan Sweeting attending a benefit in Beverly Hills March 2014Man, don't you hate it when you get married to someone after only six months of dating, and then you find out they have all these silly old habits that you never realized before BECAUSE YOU ONLY KNEW THEM FOR SIX MONTHS? Isn't that so annoying? I'm looking at you, Kaley Cuoco.

As you must surely know if you follow Crushable as closely as you should, Kaley started real-dating pro tennis player Ryan Sweeting last year at around the same time she was fake-dating Henry Cavill, of Man Of SteelThen after three months of that, she was engaged, and three months after THAT, she got married in a flurry of excited tweets and a pink dress and an upside down cake and a bunch of fun tattoos celebrating their sacred (and legal!) bond.

But according to Life & Style and Gossip Cop, those elements do not necessarily a blissful union make. If you take it from them, Kaley is ‘already having second thoughts about marrying' Ryan and the couple is having ‘big problems' just four months after the wedding.

“There’s big trouble in paradise. Behind closed doors, the newlyweds are now at each other’s throats.”


“Ryan doesn’t like it when Kaley drinks too much. He feels like he has to babysit her. They’ve already had huge blowups about that. Ryan must be jealous that Kaley works with her ex-boyfriend and The Big Bang co-star Johnny Galecki.”

Well yeah, that's what happens when you get married so fast that you've never even seen each other drunk or watched Kaley's show for long enough to realize that she costars with her goddamn ex-boyfriend.

Did seriously no celebrities take that Relationships 101 class that I offered last year? Because I think a lot of your troubles could've been avoid if you had.

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