Kaley Cuoco Gets A Real Haircut After Getting A Fake One Last Month, Because Double The Attention!

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Kaley Cuoco fake haircut March 2014

No, you're not having deja vu. Kaley Cuoco got her hair cut into an edgy bob again. Except this time it's real and last time it was fake. That's right, Kaley Cuoco faked a haircut last month. She posted a photo of her hair stylist holding scissors to her hair and then what seemed to be a progression of losing the length, with the last photo looking like she'd gotten it cut to above her shoulders. But it was just an illusion That's the fake bob up there. The real bob, which she debuted on Instagram yesterday, is below, before the color.

Kaley Cuoco haircut April 2014

Aaaand here it is after the color. It looks really amazing and makes me want to run out to the salon right now to get six inches cut off my own hair.

Kaley Cuoco haircut color April 2014

The only thing I'm wondering is why she didn't just go through with it last month instead of pranking us. Oh right, because haircuts equal attention (as Taylor Swift has taught us), so two haircuts equal two times the attention. Also fake stuff kind of seems to be Kaley's thing, if her relationship history is any indication. You know I'm talking about that time she dated Superman for the amount of time it took to be photographed going grocery shopping together and then later admitted that it got her more attention than she's ever had.

BUT IT WASN'T ENOUGH. It also wasn't enough for her to rush down the aisle after dating her new husband for an amount of time that overlapped with her Superman fling. Or to get marriage tattoos. I don't like to be lied to, Kaley Cuoco, especially where hair is involved. I already can't figure out if I'm looking at real hair or a wig whenever I watch an award show red carpet. Don't make things even more confusing by getting the same dramatic haircut twice in one month. Even though your attention-seeking efforts totally worked, because I'm talking about you now. Curse you, Cuoco!

(Photos: Instagram)