Kaley Cuoco Simultaneously Got Engaged And Proved Her Last Relationship Was Fake

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Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco attending Emmy Awards September 2013Kaley Cuoco is engaged to tennis player Ryan Sweetling after only three months of dating, and I have only this to say — wait, sorry. Stop for a second. Did you say they've been dating for three months? So since June 2013? When Kaley was supposedly dating Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill? So you essentially just proved what we here at Crushable long suspected…that their relationship was completely fake. Can we talk about that for a second?

Cuocovill was a real thing that we were all expected to believe in! They ‘stepped out' together! They bought groceries together! They maybe held hands once or twice and exchanged chaste kisses together! They made me believe in love again in the days between July the first and July the twelfth, and it was all a LIE. Eleven days of bliss down the drain.

But massive dream-ruining aside, Kaley and Ryan are getting engaged after three months of dating, which is a whole ‘nother thing. According to the dates we've been given, these two started dating on June 26th at the earliest, because Ryan allegedly proposed on September 26th. Glorious.

“It's only been three months but she knows Ryan is the one. When you know, you know. [She's] never felt this way. She knows this is it. And the ring is gorgeous!”

Yes! yes yes yes! I know that feeling exactly! I get it every time I start eating ice cream, or when I play with a puppy or pick up someone's baby. This is so fun. This is the best. I COULD DO IT FOREVER AND I WILL DON'T TRY TO STOP ME.

But then the ice cream gives my stomach an ache, and the puppy bites my furniture, and the baby makes a stenchy poop monster, and I'm like, “oh right”. That's why you shouldn't marry dogs or ice cream or babies right when you first meet them, because you have to get to know them first and remember that *~*~*nObOdY's PeRfEcT*~*~* and people change and all that.

But good luck in your fake wedding, Kaley and Ryan. Your baby relationship sounds like a real blast. I bet he'll never stop sleeping through the night.

(Image: Apega / WENN.com)